Have you re-defined your skin? Our expansive facial treatment menu offers a range of options from medical grade facials and peels to indulgent relaxing facial experiences to complete any day of beauty. We proudly partner with Osmosis MD Beauty, PCA, and Osea Malibu, our vegan seaweed-inspired line. Each line provides outstanding professional treatments with aligned take home product care, allowing you to uninterrupted skincare between appointments. Your Define skin care specialist is ready to provide the best skin of your life, are you?

Age Re-Defining Facial
This 4-in-1 facial combines multiple advanced modalities to treat the skin and combat the signs of aging. Utilizing dermaplaning, an enzymatic or chemical treatment, advanced exfoliation, and a Casmara hydro jelly custom mask for maximum results. This exclusive facial is one you don’t want to miss!
75 Minutes | $225
Ultimate Medi Infusion Facial
This medical grade facial blends the benefits of our signature Osmosis philosophies with the power of Revitapen micro-channeling to stimulate the skin, all without adding trauma or compromising the health of the skin. This treatment stimulates circulation, encourages collagen production, provides clarity while normalizing skin tone and reducing hyperpigmentation, and visibly softens fine lines. The results provide an instant glow, followed by long-term rejuvenation and internal skin repair.
60 Minutes | $195
Facial Infusion Treatment
The first non-acid peel in the skincare industry is the perfect treatment to create a substantial increase in fibroblast activity as well as significant stimulation in collagen production. The Facial Infusion gently resurfaces the skin’s epidermis by feeding the deeper dermis layer to encourage cellular renewal, making it safe for any skin condition. Through the delivery of calming, antibacterial, and dermal remodeling ingredients, skin is left renewed, refreshed, and uncompromised. The Facial Infusion is gentle yet superiorly powerful and the results are significant!
45 Minutes | $150
Define Custom Facial
Let our skincare specialists create a truly customized facial based on skin analysis and your personal needs. Using specific modalities from our 3 skincare lines, each treatment includes a cleansing, exfoliation and extractions that remove dull surface skin followed by a custom mask or treatment and moisture application to bring harmony and balance back to the skin. Relax while enjoying a luxurious hand and arm massage. This facial is perfect for all skin types, from anti-aging to acne prone. 
45-60 Minutes | $130
The Define “Bacial”
That’s right – this treatment combines the benefits of our favorite skin treatments but for your back. Our custom “bacial” treats your often forgotten area for clearer, more refined skin. Targeted to cleanse and remove oil and clogged pores, this treatment includes cleansing, exfoliation, and extractions, and is finished by a serum and moisture treatment to leave the skin soft, hydrated, and breakout free. 
30-45 Minutes | $110
Mini Serum Treatment
This treatment is the perfect introduction to Osmosis Skincare! Enjoy a relaxing treatment that includes a cleanse, exfoliation, Revitapen Serum treatment, and mask to enjoy the full benefits of the Osmosis science and skincare products. Tone and wrinkle-correcting boosters will re-establish tone, clarity, and firmness in the skin, and provide a refreshed, nourished look.
30-45 Minutes | $95
Express Facial
Want fast results with the full benefits of a custom facial? Incorporate this express facial treatment to keep your skin care maintenance in check and keep skin feeling fresh and hydrated. Includes cleanse, exfoliation, mask, and facial moisture application. (Treatment does not include extractions)
30 Minutes | $75
The Define “Down Under” Vajacial
Hidden parts still need skincare love! This facial is designed for your “areas down under” when coupled with a Brazilian wax. Treat and soothe the skin post wax with a custom ingrown reduction treatment and hydrojelly mask for optimum moisture and smooth, soft skin.
30 Minutes | $50

Facial Add Ons

Perk Eye or Lip Treatment

Using a patented, roller flex technology this amazing Hydrafacial add-on delivers vital antioxidants to your eyes and lips. Eyes are treated with care to delicately tone and firm the area and lips are left refreshes, plumped, and hydrated.

Casmara Hydro Moisture Mask
Craving deep hydration and that internal glow? Maintain optimal moisture levels and firm the skin with this amazing add-on! 
Revitapen Microchanneling
This innovative device stimulates the skin, all without added trauma or compromise. This treatment stimulates circulation, encourages collagen production, provides clarity while normalizing skin tone.
Treat your skin to a dermaplaning treatment to deeply exfoliate dead skin cells and remove that pesky peach buzz aka vellus hair from the face.
Define – Dermabrasion
A non-invasive treatment to exfoliate the skin and improve skin tone and texture.
Dermaplane/Dermabrasion Combo
A perfect combination of modalities to give your skin the ultimate exfoliation while targeting skin tone.  This treatment will release your inner glow when coupled with any custom facial or Hydrafacial!

Custom Peels

PCA Custom Peels
Expand your treatment experience and incorporate our PCA custom peels into your skin fitness regimen. Our advanced peel options treat skin concerns such as hyperpigmentation, aging, acne, rosacea, and sensitive skin using scientifically-advanced ingredients such as lactic acid, TCA, resorcinol, and retinoids. Offering a targeted solution for every skin, feel and see the difference with a peel series. Peel series are ideal in a series of 6 treatments and can range from no to a few of downtime. All peels include our post procedure take-home kit.
Custom Chemical Peel
Our PCA custom signature peel which includes a array of treatment options for most skin types. 
45 Minutes | $160
Advanced Chemical Peel
Want to up your peel results? This dual action treatment combines a customized peel with an additional skincare treatment. 
45 minutes | $199
Customized Combo Peel 
Our custom combo blends our signature peel with other modalities, such as LED light therapy or dermaplaning.
60 minutes | $275
Series of 3 Custom Peels (10% off) 45 minutes | $432
Series of 6 Custom Peels (15% off) 45 minutes | $816